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Adrian and Diana Zoeftig live and paint in the South-West of France where they have lived for 10 years. They have both drawn and painted all their lives and have been able to pursue their passion more fully in retirement. Both prefer to use oil paint but also work in watercolour, acrylic, gouache, egg tempura and pastel and often in mixed media. Recently they have been experimenting with traditional paper produced in the local Moulin de Larroque.

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Monsac Été: click to close

After a break of many years Adrian got back into oil painting making copies of artists such as Monet and then working on still lifes and landscapes. More recently he has been painting in a collage style and working in pen and ink.

Monsac Été by Adrian Zoeftig

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Feu d'Artifice; click to close

Diana has always enjoyed artistic pursuits and has experimented with various different mediums and supports. She is largely self taught and, since moving to France, has worked on landscapes, portraits of children, works of an abstract nature and collages. She has used her creative energy to paint pictures on roof tiles, mosaics and has recently returned to her love of landscape painting using local scenes for inspiration.

Feu d'Artifice by Diana Zoeftig

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